Job Application Addendum for the Position of:
Marketing Communications and Graphics Manager
at The National Dance Institute New Mexico, Santa Fe, NM

Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media

Work with SMD to create the Communication Plan and full-year calendar; track progress against plans and keep SMD informed

At TravelSmith I contributed to ongoing plans for yearly calendar for monthly, bi-weekly and weekly deliverables for go-lives, web assets changes, and email campaigns. Most often these events would be based on the print catalog in-home delivery dates—content would be coordinated for a seamless experience from print to web.

Help develop, implement and monitor systems and procedures necessary to the smooth operation of the marketing/communications/public relations function

I’m well versed in creating effective systems for communications, as well as processes for the design and production of visual assets I believe that strong infrastructure and best practices are crucial to success. The better the system/process, the easier it is to do one’s job. I have had years of experience working with, and planning, schedules to successfully meet client/stakeholder demand.

Coordinate with all departments to help implement approved communications strategies in order to further donor relations, community engagement, sales and growth

I have participated over the years in brainstorming sessions to develop innovative and effective ideas for increasing traction of messaging whether for increasing clicks/sales, etc. via emails, developing coordinated graphics programs with consistent messaging or coming up with unique ideas for client engagement.

Work with SMD to coordinate media interest in the Organization and responsiveness to media requests

My goal here would be to expand awareness of NDI in the communities that are touched by NDI’s services and offerings, and then expand beyond that to include greater state and national awareness via creative outreach, social awareness and possible ongoing publishing of a blog on the website, possibly to included guest authors—experts in education, dance, Native Americans, local community leaders, etc.—to contribute which would reach additional audiences.

Maintain approved branding for organization throughout marketing and communication materials

In this area my goal is always to create brand consistency wherever possible. With that in mind I consider every communications piece as a representative of that organization, program or marketing initiative, and as such it must adhere to brand guidelines. I strive for each touch to be a “brand deposit” therefore building trust with the client.

Manage email marketing program, lists and schedule

Experienced at managing email marketing based on work at TravelSmith as well as other clients including Bramble & C., EverSmarts, EnergyBits and more.

At TravelSmith I designed and produced over 200 emails a year, based on the marketing calendar—which was often changed to meet current market conditions and corporate goals. I helped bring email driven sales from 17% to nearly 90% at the end of 2015. Emails were highly segmented to optimized productivity. I also designed automated emails for confirmations, shipping updates, out-of-stock messaging, etc.

Graphic Design/Print Production

Project manages and creates all printed material for organization

I have extensive experience with creative and art direction, designing and producing the gamut of communications pieces: From logos and branding to collateral, catalogs, presentations, signage, t-shirt—you name it. I designed everything that’s on your list of requirements and more. I also have direct experience with numerous printing techniques, print management and have attended press checks large and small nationwide.

I’ve created countless successful campaigns over the years consisting of multiple pieces spanning print and web.

Manages contract graphic designer as needed

With extensive experience with creative management as a creative director and art director I have managed creative teams up to 15. At Broderbund I managed an in-house staff of 6 with a stable of 9 freelancers and contractors. Recently at TravelSmith I managed 1- 2 direct reports depending on staff size and art directed freelance designers as needed.

In conjunction with the SMD, maintains coordination of all projects with various department heads

Over the years, having work in in-house creative and marketing departments and in agencies, I made it an integral part of my day-to-day project management to have clear communication with all project stakeholders. Moreover I believe that it is critical keep all channels of communication open to ensure the best results for all involved.

At TravelSmith my work often had to pass muster with C-level stakeholders, marketing, and product design before going live. I am proud of my ability to communicate the issues and gain concensus among all stakeholders. This type of process holds true for almost all of my work over the years.


Archive and file all photos for organization

Over the years I have managed quantities of assets—photos, graphics files, videos, text, etc.—often including multiple versions and revisions of files, originating from multiple sources. I have come up with systems for naming and organizations that, I feel, are efficient and easy to use.

I’ve also worked with a variety of systems used by different organizations (TravelSmith, Broderbund, ABT Corporation, as well as a host of design agencies) and have had a wide exposure to different methods of organizing digital media.

Manage & schedule photographers for main performances & events

My experience with project management, creative & art direction, and work with photographers means that I can schedule the right photographer for the project. With a keen understanding of photography and open communication I look forward to working with the current network of photographers used by NDI, or I can reach out to the community to expand the creative resources available to the organization.

Take photos as needed for other NDI New Mexico fundraising events and activities

Having trained as a photographer early on I have continued to my interest in photography to the present day to include photo shoots for clients for portraits, artwork and some product photography. Additionally, part of my role as a creative/art director is to curate images in support a client’s brand whether on a larger level to develop an overall style, or for specific purposes such as a blog.

My experience with photography for print and web means I’m well versed in color correction, photo-manipulation, and optimizing for print and web usage.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Communicate effectively through clear speaking, writing, and effective listening

Over the years I have been successful in part due to clear communication and really listening—both essential habits to be effective in the marketing and design business. As a budding fiction writer I have honed my writing skills and feel my ability to communicate in writing is excellent.

I have also learned to write for digital platforms, to compensate for the lack of nuance in email and text, when discussing visuals—it’s very important to be clear and specific to avoid miscommunication.

I am also a believer in really listening during any conversation—it’s critical to hear needs, goals, challenges and issues openly and without internal filters to get to the heart of any discussion.

Strong organizational, computer, and smart-phone skills

I believe that organization is key to being effective, and mastery of technology used on a day-to-day basis is part of that effectiveness. Juggling multiple projects for a variety of stakeholders means being very organized with schedule, workflow, file naming and organization, etc. In various roles I have created highly efficient filing structures for projects, media libraries, archives and more, bringing ease of access to the companies I’ve worked for.

On the computer front I’ve used MS products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) for years—as well as Apple productivity products such as Pages, Numbers, and Keynote—so that these tools are second nature in communicating organization-wide.

I feel that it is extremely important to communicate clearly, directly and to really listen during any conversation. Especially when visuals are being discussed—it is an area open to wide interpretation.

Three to five years’ experience in graphic design

I have over 20 years’ experience in graphic and visual design in a number of capacities that give me the experience to provide NDI with creative and brand direction in any, and all, areas required. I’ve worked extensively for profit and non-profit organizations in a wide variety of markets from software and high-tech to education and food & beverage.