Book Design & Production

Bringing author’s unique vision to physical form 

I’m proud to have helped numerous author’s from various walks of life, bringing their words to the printed page. There’s something about sitting down with a good book and letting it take you into its world. The books, proposals and newsletter projects shown below represent a variety of approaches to melding content and design.

The People of San Francisco

Coffee table book featuring seventy five portraits of people who have contributed to the vitality of San Francisco by San Francisco artist Elaine Badgley Arnoux.  The design was simple and elegant to let the art take center stage, and the book was printed in China. The first edition of 5,000 sold out as did the second edition.

Model Buy-Back Center Project

Wire-O bound letter-sized proposal for an architecture firm—designed and printed quickly to meet the competition deadline. The design includes horizontal and vertical layouts for charts and numerical data, and templates for photographs in various configurations.

Finding The Missing Peace

6″ x 9″ trade paperback printed through Amazon’s print on-demand service, Kindle Direct Publishing. Full-color front and back cover with black and white interior.

Love Bucks

Personal book project highlighting hand drawn illustrations, Designed using Adobe InDesign and printed via The design includes several full-page spreads.

Resource Cycles

Workbook for middle and high school teachers commissioned by the San Francisco Recycling Program. Two versions of the curriculum were created—one for students and one for faculty that had all the answers and other information.

Currents Newsletter

Letter-sized newsletter for Skagit Valley College Foundation. Printed twice yearly at a local printer. Proofs are supplied via digital printouts with no press checks required.


Illustrated memoir documenting a Coast Guard lieutenant’s experience in WWII. Drawings and watercolors, done at the time, along with black and white photographs add life to the vibrant text.  Momentos and keepsakes pepper the book for additional dimension.

Raymond’s Story

This book of 60 poems was inspired by illuminated manuscripts—as they have a history spiritual awakening and meditation—incorporates full-color artwork by the author. Printed online via